adaptive kid´s bed LISTOflex by SALTO childrens furniture / Munich

the great possibilities of

This unique bed grows from a Poster Bed to a Mid Sleeper and finally into a Loft Bed, with ladders, mattress and textiles included. You buy a customized bed and you buy only once.

Toddlers from 2 years of age sleep soundly in the LISTOflex Poster Bed and years later teenagers still love their Loft Bed.

Kinderbett LISTOflex Maßzeichnung / SALTOKinderbetten München

A poster bed for little ones aged 2 years and up. A cozy and protected place for your child to sleep.

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The Mid Sleeper model is perfect for your adventurous 4 to 6 year old. The space under the bed allows for a world of play and imagination.

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For even more fun: add a slide to the Mid Sleeper and watch your child’s room transform into a playground. The  perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

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The start of school marks a new step in your child’s life. Your LISTOflex bed can now transform into a Loft Bed, allowing more space to study and chill.

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Second child on the way? Need an extra bed for sleep-overs? Add a second storey to your Loft Bed, and transform it  into a cozy and sturdy bunk bed.

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3 reasons to buy LISTOflex:

you buy one single bed that transforms
into 3 different models.

includes a luxury mattress, a canopy and floor-length curtains in the color of your choice. Delivered to your place, for free.

Build it first for your toddler as a cozy Poster Bed and later transform it into a Mid Sleeper for your pre-schooler. Once your child reaches school age the LISTOflex converts into a Loft Bed to make room for studying. All parts included.

Best materials:

Solid beech wood, sustainably harvested from european forests.

Water based paint, solvent free, UV-hardened and certified for toys.

German hardware, made of steel. Sturdy and easy to use, ready for self assembly.

Hand crafted curtains, made of a 200g/m² cotton-mix fabric. Eco-friendly and machine washable.

A German mattress, made with oekotex foam and a quilted and washable cover. Tested by hundreds of satisfied customers and kids.

Safety is our highest priority!

The LISTOflex bed is safe and comfortable for both children and parents alike.

Your child sleeps safely, surrounded by extra high frames and the front guard. The ladder is easy to climb, with large steps and open handles.

Parents may cuddle with their child there without any worries. A wall mount is not necessary. The bed is robust, tested for 120 kg.

Buy just one bed for ever!

LISTOflex will be your child´s companion during their entire childhood.

We recommend LISTOflex as an investment in your child´s future.

It is not cheap, the price reflects its quality; it is the best bed we have ever built. It is so durable, that we give it a 10 year guarantee!

You will receive with your order all components for the convertible bed LISTOflex, you need no conversion kit to buy later, all the necessary parts come with the basic set, including two ladders and the slatted frame. With the full service set you also get a high-quality cold foam mattress and two floor-length curtains together with the canopy in the color of your choice.



The price: € 1.690- for the basic set – including 2 ladders and the mattress support. The bed is delivered free of charge.


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